enjoy your home in all seasons.

We all know the drill. A winter storm rolls in, temperatures drop, and the fight to control the thermostat setting consumes your family. Or you sit sweltering in your own home during one of our summer heat waves.

You’re not alone. Comfort issues are one of the main reasons people seek out Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. And those cozy homes are often cited as the greatest benefit from the program.

Temperature differences of up to three degrees from room to room are not uncommon, but often one or several rooms are excessively warm or cold. This could be caused by several factors within your home including inadequate insulation, air leakage, poor duct system design, duct leakage, unwanted heating by the sun in warmer months, or a failure in part of your heating and cooling system. Some comfort issues may be the result of one main building performance issue or several that are driving the process.

Homeowners who participate in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR live in cooler homes in the summer and warmer homes in the winter. 

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“I was upstairs this afternoon and it hit me: Our upstairs is not nearly as hot a it has been in summers past! Now that we’ve had a few days of legitimate summer heat, it is very clear that sealing off the attic has made an enormous difference. In summers past, the upper two levels have been stuffy, hot and have actually smelled like the attic. But not now. Our home is comfortable and the AC is not having to run all the time. I don’t feel like the temp goes up 10 degrees for every set of stairs I climb!”
–Virginia Home Performance with ENERGY STAR homeowner