1. Choose a Contractor


Kicking off your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR project starts with choosing a certified Building Analyst to perform your Home Energy Audit. Each of the Participating Contractors listed for your area has a certified Building Analyst on staff. All certified Building Analysts follow the same Building Performance Institute standards, and will provide you with a comprehensive report. When you call to inquire about an audit, please ask about pricing depending on your home. Each company sets their pricing differently. We recommend reading their company descriptions, visiting their websites, and calling 2-3 to get a sense of whether they are the right company for you.

A full BPI-accredited Home Energy Audit is likely to include:

  • Infrared camera search – Identifies hot and cold spots inside walls, around windows, and below baseboards.
  • Blower door test – Depressurizes your home and brings those hidden air leaks to life.
  • Duct blaster test – Searches for leakage in the duct work of forced-air heating and cooling systems.
  • Safety tests – Includes testing carbon monoxide levels and combustion appliances for back-drafting.
  • Air quality tests – Make sure the air you breathe is safe.
  • Crawl space/basement inspection – An inspection of all those nooks and crannies where energy can sneak out.

6 Steps to Health, Comfort, Savings and Value with HPwES:

1. Choose a Contractor.

2. NEXT: Prepare Your Home.

3. Review Your Home Energy Audit Report.

4. Receive/Review Your Custom Bid.

5. Work Begins.

6. Test-Out and Quality Assurance.